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Like he legit was like who the fucks in your room then? What the fuck. I just got done having a deep discussion with my friend about how I’ve never had a ghost experience. Also there’s a fucking OUIJA BOARD in my room.

Maybe I’m just being a pussy or maybe my dad was dreaming. But he seemed pretty fucking freaked out to me.

I’m staying up til the sun comes up.

I’m so fucking scared. I’m waiting for the sun to come up. Holy shit. I just got home and my dad wakes up and says I thought you were already home? I’m like Psh no I just got here and he tells me that he saw someone in my room and that he thought I was already home. I’m so fucking creeped out.

Glacial River Lagoon (Jökulsárlón, Iceland) by Dariusz W.

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